JDBC Project


This course covers using Java to connect to databases, specifically MySQL databases.  It also gives a brief introduction to server side scripting, particularly using PHP.

Java will connect to many types of databases using JDBC (Java Database Connectivity).  We look at MySQL databases as they are widely used and, more importantly, open-source (ie free!).  (Remember that open source is does not mean free).

We have set up a MySQL server here at Blue Coat for you to use, you will probably want to set up your own at home to practice on. XAMPP (www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.htmlis a free MySQL server, amongst other things (See elsewhere in the course for more information)

This course covers the following topics

  • Using a MySQL server to set up a database
  • Using SQL to query and update the database
  • Using JDBC to connect to the MySQL database using Java
  • Using statements in Java to handle queries and updates

Prior Knowledge

You will be expected to have an understanding of the Java programming language and some understanding of what a database is

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