Thoughts on Cosmopolitan Predators!

Aethernet Magazine Issue #12 was published on Saturday, and with it the last episode of Cosmopolitan Predators! What was the experience of writing a piece of serial fiction like?I’ve already already posted on this blog about writing serial fiction as well as the experience of working to deadlines. The various writers who contributed to Aethernet Magazine have also writtenContinue reading “Thoughts on Cosmopolitan Predators!”

Working to Deadlines

If you’ve been reading this blog you will be aware that in between Marching to Time I’ve been writing a serial, Cosmopolitan Predators!  for Aethernet Magazine. Aethernet Magazine was launched so that readers could rediscover the joys of serial fiction. One side effect has been that the writers are rediscovering the joys of writing to deadlines.  Take,Continue reading “Working to Deadlines”

Writing Tools

Charles Stross has written an interesting polemic about Why Microsoft Word must Die over on his blog. I broadly agree with him.  But this post isn’t to dwell on what’s wrong with Word, but rather to look at the alternatives. Replacing Word is easy.  I’ve used LibreOffice (and its predecessor, OpenOffice) Writer for around 7 years nowContinue reading “Writing Tools”

Writing Serial Fiction

I’m currently just over half way through Cosmopolitan Predators! and I can’t help thinking what a different story it is for being written as a serial. The big thing that I’ve noticed is how much the serial form encourages plot. I’d originally intended the story to be much looser, a collection of characters who touchedContinue reading “Writing Serial Fiction”

Cosmopolitan Predators! Dramatis Personae

Cosmopolitan Predators! appears in Aethernet Magazine   Billy Bunyan: teenage boy living in the skin of the Rock with his two fundamentalist fathers. Billy has a radio hidden behind his locker which he uses to listen to the spaceships that pass by outside. If his fathers ever find out he will be in big trouble…Continue reading “Cosmopolitan Predators! Dramatis Personae”

Serial Fiction

Just in case you haven’t seen the other posts, tweets, adverts or fliers… This Easter my wife and I launched a new magazine called Aethernet.  Aethernet is intended to be the magazine of Serial Fiction. But before you go, why Serial Fiction? The idea for Aethernet came from a conversation Chris Beckett and I hadContinue reading “Serial Fiction”

Cosmopolitan Predators!

… and now for something completely different. Not a novel, not a series of short stories, but a little bit of both. I had the germ of the idea for this years ago when I read Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City.  I love many things about Maupin’s writing, but one of the things thatContinue reading “Cosmopolitan Predators!”