The Dream Paris Blog Tour

September 11th Launch Party: Manifesto September 19th Jacey Bedford: Tales from the Typeface September 29th Geeky Library:  A deleted scene from Dream Paris No More Grumpy Bookseller:  Music and Writing September 30th SF Signal: Building the Science of the Dream World  October 7th Civilian Reader: Do Writers Deserve to be Paid for their Work? MyContinue reading “The Dream Paris Blog Tour”


(I read the following at the launch party for Dream Paris, 11th Sept 2015) It’s a common question asked of all authors: why did you write this book? So when I finished Dream Paris, just like when I finished all my other books, I sat down and thought about what my answer would be whenContinue reading “Manifesto”

Why I Wrote Dream London

Some years ago I was standing outside Dobcross Brass Band club, just an hour before midnight. The dark hills rose up to touch the sky and then sky rose up forever. The sounds of brass bands faded in and out of hearing as the breeze stirred the warm June air… I was there to watchContinue reading “Why I Wrote Dream London”

Dream London Blog Tour

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