1. This was a review I tried to post on Amazon which was rejected for not complying with it’s guidelines for some reason:

    It’s an Allegory!!

    The cover quote from the Financial Times says this novel is “unclassifaible.” It’s not, it’s an allegory and at times a blantantly obvious one. High in a tower in the middle of the Square Mile in London they are using voodoo mathematics to change how the world works. Outside interests are buying up the altered London as a result of the changes being made and forcing ordinary Londoners into poverty as the price of property races beyond their resources. Sound familiar? Why don’t we stop this? Well here’s a familiar argument: “We’ve got to allow the people who work there to f**k things up as they choose for everyone living here otherwise they might pull out of the Square Mile entirely. It’s just good business sense.”
    The other problem is the change in reality has left everyone as isolated individuals. The possibility of collective action has been “surpressed …by sex and food and a hundred other distractions.” It is no mistaking the message when the fight back is led by marching brass bands. Solidarity against the oppressors. Wake up Britain! Whilst you sleep you are being turned into obedient impoverished fodder for your capitalist overlords.

    Who might be inciting anything. Is it me or is it you?

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