The Recursion Series

The Recursion Series is a hard SF series covering a span of time from the turn of the 21st century to around 500 years in the future.  So far the series consists of the novels Recursion, Capacity, Divergence and various short stories, some of which appear in Stories of the Northern Road

The novel Divergence marked a pause in the series, tying up the questions raised in my early short stories and the first three novels (The Sixth VNM, my first published SF story was set in the Recursion universe),  giving me the opportunity to explore other worlds.

I have recently returned to the Recursion universe after a gap of seven years, picking up on a thread from the beginning of Divergence…

You can read more about the background to the Recursion novels by following this link to my old blog:


  1. I am a huge fan of your Recursion series and I’m currently re-reading them, for what may be the fortieth time at this point. There are stellar ideas within them, I am entranced by your take on the nature of intelligence and what it means to be alive. You mentioned having recently returned to this universe (which made me grin at the train station I am currently trapped in), where can I read your new exploration of this divergent thread?


      1. I really must buy some of these Analog issues then haha. Will Trapezium be a short story and is this the format you intend to continue for this universe or are you likely to work on a fourth book? 🙂

        Also, I’ve just finished The Region of Jennifer. Fascinating! I was absolutely not expecting to see an alien race, especially not one that’s biological in nature (though I suppose dark seeds tend to kill off civilisations composed of higher intelligences).

        This is quite an interesting shift in focus, will we learn more about this society, and how they avoided the pitfalls of thinking machines? Perhaps even see more of how FE and dark seeds had affected other civilisations?. Apologies for all the questions, please don’t feel obliged to answer any of them haha, my mind simply races at the possibilities the concepts you create can lead to 🙂

        1. This is going to be a series of short stories, I think. I’ll see how it goes.

          There will be more aliens this time, you’re right to say the stories will take a look at what happened to other civilisations. There is something big coming up, watch this space…

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