(I read the following at the launch party for Dream Paris, 11th Sept 2015) It’s a common question asked of all authors: why did you write this book? So when I finished Dream Paris, just like when I finished all my other books, I sat down and thought about what my answer would be whenContinue reading “Manifesto”


The picture shows the Peace Dome in Hiroshima.  The bomb exploded almost directly above the building, it was the only structure left standing in the area afterwards. It’s very quiet around the dome, nobody has a lot to say.  They all look to a point above the building and imagine.       I took theContinue reading “Hiroshima”

Six Little Masterpieces of Economy

Armistead Maupin has been described as the master of coincidence.  He’s also a master of economy.  Look how captures the essence of his characters in a just a few words in the following chapter openers… ‘Well,’ boomed Arnold Littlefield, dousing his scrambled eggs with ketchup, ‘the hubby stood you up, huh?’ MANUEL THE GARDENER wasContinue reading “Six Little Masterpieces of Economy”

Six Useful Websites for Writers

1) Etomyonline – Etymological Dictionary See the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history. Keep your language of its time with this site and the next: 2) Google ngrams – frequencies of short sentences found in sources printed between 1800 and 2012 3) Behind the name – etymologyContinue reading “Six Useful Websites for Writers”

Story Behind the Book Volume 4

Volume 4 of the “Story Behind the Book” series of charity anthologies, edited by Kristijan Meic and Ivana Steiner is out now.  It features a brief essay by me about the story behind Dream London. As always, all proceeds go to Epilepsy Action, UK registered charity, so spread the word Similarly to previous instalments, theContinue reading “Story Behind the Book Volume 4”

How Long does it Take to Write a Novel?

The answer? Fifteen days, twenty hours and fifty five minutes. I know that because I finished Dream Paris yesterday and I’ve been clocking the time I spent working on the novel. The time includes the writing of the first draft of the novel and three redrafts: first redraft, the second following feedback from my wifeContinue reading “How Long does it Take to Write a Novel?”

​10 Books I Couldn’t Put Down

I don’t know what my favourite book is, but the following are books I read at various times of my life that, at the time, I couldn’t put down. Most of them I finished in maybe one sitting – definitely no more than two or three – perhaps whilst lying ill in bed or onContinue reading “​10 Books I Couldn’t Put Down”

Six Ways to Stay Sane as a Writer

Don’t place too high a value on your reviews (there’ll always be good and bad ones). Don’t place too high a value on your Amazon Sales Position (no matter how high it is, it will go down eventually). When it comes to you writing, the only people whose opinions really matter are your editor andContinue reading “Six Ways to Stay Sane as a Writer”