Milanote is a tool for organizing projects into kanban like boards. It’s targeted at creatives, and comes with a variety of templates, not only for writers but for fields as diverse as game design, interior design photography and software development. You can write notes and todo lists, upload images & files and save things youContinue reading “Milanote”

Six Lessons from Music…

… to think about when you feel that your work as a writer is not receiving the recognition it deserves… Shostakovich wrote during the siege of Leningrad whilst working as a fireman. Messiaen wrote his Quartet for the End of Time in Stalag VIII-A, a prisoner-of-war camp. Mahler was forced to work as a conductorContinue reading “Six Lessons from Music…”

How Writers Write: Anne Charnock

How Writers Write is a monthly series of guest posts where established writers invite you into their workspaces, reveal their work habits and share their experience. Follow this link for a full list of previous posts I met Anne in a bar in Helsinki at Worldcon 75.  We got chatting right away… What do youContinue reading “How Writers Write: Anne Charnock”

Tagging #2:  Applications that use Tagging

Here are few applications where I use tagging. Simplenote Tagging is straightforward on Simplenote.  Add your tags on the tag bar, keep track of them using the tag dropdown.  You can edit and delete tags using the phone or desktop app. Click on a tag to search for it, or use the following syntax inContinue reading “Tagging #2:  Applications that use Tagging”

Tagging #1

Are you a writer? Do you keep notes? (I can’t believe there is writer who doesn’t keep notes.) Do you keep your notes on a computer? Do you tag your notes? If you only answered yes to the first three questions, then I’m about to change your writing life for the better. Tags have beenContinue reading “Tagging #1”

I Used to Worry About Finishing Stories…

I’d plan them in minute detail, I’d obsess over the twists, the climax, the ending. And then I learned, as I’ve written in many other places, to just turn off my mind and to follow my characters. I learned to let my subconscious take over and to let the story go where it wanted. ButContinue reading “I Used to Worry About Finishing Stories…”

MyKitaab Podcast

The mission of the MyKitaab podcast series is to help answer the question “I have written a book, how do I get it published in India?” Here, host Amar Vyas talks to me about writing, blogging and Open Source software, especially  Emacs! You can access the podcast as follows: On iTunes: On MyKitaab website: reading “MyKitaab Podcast”

Six Reasons why Maintaining a Blog will make You a Better Writer

It will make you write regularly It will make you finish something – you’re not a writer if you’re only producing half finished stories It will make you publish something – no more constantly rewriting, trying to get something perfect It will mean your stuff will be read by somebody else – no more storiesContinue reading “Six Reasons why Maintaining a Blog will make You a Better Writer”