Milanote is a tool for organizing projects into kanban like boards. It’s targeted at creatives, and comes with a variety of templates, not only for writers but for fields as diverse as game design, interior design photography and software development. You can write notes and todo lists, upload images & files and save things youContinue reading “Milanote”

Tagging #2:  Applications that use Tagging

Here are few applications where I use tagging. Simplenote Tagging is straightforward on Simplenote.  Add your tags on the tag bar, keep track of them using the tag dropdown.  You can edit and delete tags using the phone or desktop app. Click on a tag to search for it, or use the following syntax inContinue reading “Tagging #2:  Applications that use Tagging”

Tagging #1

Are you a writer? Do you keep notes? (I can’t believe there is writer who doesn’t keep notes.) Do you keep your notes on a computer? Do you tag your notes? If you only answered yes to the first three questions, then I’m about to change your writing life for the better. Tags have beenContinue reading “Tagging #1”

Never Lose Your Work Again!

A very well known writer recently tweeted about how he’d accidentally overtyped a whole morning’s work. I think every writer would feel his pain – not only is there the frustration of having to retype everything, but there’s also the thought that it will never be as good the second time. Things written in the flightContinue reading “Never Lose Your Work Again!”

My Emacs Writing Setup

Due to the interest in my post on Writing Tools, I’ve published an HTML document on my Emacs writing setup. If you want to know how I plan and plot stories, you may find the document interesting.  You’ll probably find it more interesting if you use Emacs yourself. A Note on Emacs I think of EmacsContinue reading “My Emacs Writing Setup”

Writing Tools

Charles Stross has written an interesting polemic about Why Microsoft Word must Die over on his blog. I broadly agree with him.  But this post isn’t to dwell on what’s wrong with Word, but rather to look at the alternatives. Replacing Word is easy.  I’ve used LibreOffice (and its predecessor, OpenOffice) Writer for around 7 years nowContinue reading “Writing Tools”