To the Stars and Back

Eric was a very good friend of mine. I’m proud to be part of this collection

Eric Brown was one of the UK’s finest SF authors. His work won him awards, his storytelling won him readers; more than that, though, he was a special person, and that won him many friends.

Containing all new stories from some of the UK’s finest genre writers, this volume, released to mark what would have been Eric’s 64th birthday, is dedicated to Eric and his family. It is our way of celebrating someone whose work inspired us and whose friendship made a difference.

Eric Brown: (24 May 1960 – 21 March 2023)

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Tail Call Optimization

Tail Call Optimization appears in the March/April 2021 Issue of Analog

The story continues the Human Way series that has been appearing in Analog over the past few years. It takes place in the Recursion universe around 12 years after the events depicted in the novels.

Other stories in the series include The Region of Jennifer,  Threshold, The Human Way, Trapezium and Trespass

Excerpts from Another Life

I worked as a teacher in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham during the 1990’s. I loved teaching in Dagenham, I was delighted when Pen to Print asked me for a story.

Excerpts from Another Life was one of a collection of stories written during the last months of my fathers life. You can read it by following this link


Midway appears in the January 2019 issue of Lightspeed (issue 104)

Midway is part of the Midway Collection, a number of stories written in response to the death of my father.

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Trapezium appears in the September/October 2018 Issue of Analog

Fans of the Recursion series may recognise Craig, Armstrong and Joanna – as well as the Eva Rye – from the beginning of Divergence.

The story follows on from events in The Region of Jennifer,  Threshold and The Human Way