Why the Last Series of Dr Who was Badly Written, and Why it Matters

It’s not often that a TV show makes me angry, but the last series of Doctor Who did. It made me really angry. Why? Because it was badly written. Very badly written. I’ve read many articles to the contrary and, somewhat confusingly, I agree with them. How can that be? Because I do agree thatContinue reading “Why the Last Series of Dr Who was Badly Written, and Why it Matters”

Sometimes I Have No Opinion

Who says that Weetos are just for breakfast? I have no idea. I’ve never heard anyone express an opinion on the right time to eat Weetos, one way or the other. But advertisers love these sort of statements. They appeal to the rebel in people (hey, no one tells me when to eat my breakfast)!.Continue reading “Sometimes I Have No Opinion”

Leave it to the Experts

You may have noticed that I’ve separated the blog from this website. As I maintain two static content websites (this one and my tech site: http://tonyballantyne.com/tech) it seemed appropriate to have a separate, dedicated blog. I’ve been looking at Ghost blogging, and I liked the philosophy behind it. I also like to support to openContinue reading “Leave it to the Experts”

It’s Time to Think Big Again: How to Develop as an Artist

There’s a tendency nowadays to view simple as good, to regard the stripped down as authentic. In music we’re still seeing a reaction to the 1970’s, to the overblown theatricals of prog rock, to the tendency to “big” sound in classical orchestras. Well, that was forty years ago today, and things have gone too far.Continue reading “It’s Time to Think Big Again: How to Develop as an Artist”

What, exactly, is the Waters of Meribah About?

I was contacted by a college SF class, asking me about my short story The Waters of Meribah. In particular, they wanted to know, what did it mean? Here’s my reply… My degree was in Mathematics. I’m fascinated by what can be mathematically proven and what can’t. I’m intrigued by the fact that maths revealsContinue reading “What, exactly, is the Waters of Meribah About?”

Why I Wrote Dream London

Some years ago I was standing outside Dobcross Brass Band club, just an hour before midnight. The dark hills rose up to touch the sky and then sky rose up forever. The sounds of brass bands faded in and out of hearing as the breeze stirred the warm June air… I was there to watchContinue reading “Why I Wrote Dream London”

Boring, but Very, Very Useful

The most boring talk I attended at Loncon3 was the one about Tax for Writers. It was also the most useful. HMRC were there to encourage writers to claim as much tax back as they could when filling in tax returns. The presenter (and okay, he wasn’t boring, he did a very good job) wasContinue reading “Boring, but Very, Very Useful”