Colinthology is a collection of light-hearted, uplifting fantasy and SF short stories, put together in memory of Colin Harvey, who passed away suddenly in August 2011. All of the stories have been donated for free by friends of Colin, and all of the proceeds are being donated to Above & Beyond, the Bristol-based charity for which Colin volunteered in his spare time.

I was proud to be asked to contribute to the Colinthology. For some reason I’ve never quite understood, people thought that Colin and I were brothers. It became a standing joke at conventions, with Colin getting his friends to come up to me and pretend they thought I was him. Obviously, we were both blessed at birth with outstanding good looks, prodigious talent and incredible modesty, but Colin had something else that set him apart from me and most other writers. Colin genuinely enjoyed every aspect of the writer’s life. Everyone likes to talk about their own work, even if they pretend not to, but I’ve never known anyone with as much enthusiasm as Colin for other people’s work, other people’s workshops and other people’s talks.

Conventions will seem a little less inviting now that my brother will not be there waiting for me.

Short Stories

(Please note, this list is incomplete.  I’m working on updating this blog…)


Nature, issue March 19th 2009


In the Anthology WE THINK THEREFORE WE ARE, edited by Peter Crowther (DAW, 2009)


In the Anthology SUBTERFUGE, edited by Ian Whates (Newcon Press, 2008)

Why are Rocks?

Hub Issue 40, edited by Lee Harris

Matthew’s Passion (with Eric Brown)

KETHANI by Eric Brown (Solaris, 2008)

Third Person

In the Anthology THE SOLARIS BOOK OF NEW SCIENCE FICTION, edited by George Mann (Solaris, 2007)

Reprinted in THE YEAR’s BEST SF 13, edited by David Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer

Aristotle OS

In the Anthology FAST FORWARD 1, edited by Lou Anders (PYR, 2007)

Reprinted in THE YEAR’s BEST SF 13, edited by David Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer

The Exchange

Postscripts 7

The Robot and the Octopus

Nemonymous 5

A Matter of Mathematics

In the Anthology THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF NEW JULES VERNE ADVENTURES, edited by Mike Ashley and Eric Brown


In the anthology CONSTELLATIONS, edited by Peter Crowther (DAW, 2005)

The Ugly Truth

Interzone 191

The Waters of Meribah

Interzone 189

Reprinted in THE YEAR’s BEST SF 9, edited by David Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer

Teaching the War Robot to Dance

Interzone 178

Real Man

Interzone 174

Indecisive Weapons

Interzone 172

Restoring the Balance, 2

Interzone 168

Restoring the Balance

Interzone 167

A New Beginning

Interzone 163

Single Minded

Interzone 162

The Blue Magnolia

The Third Alternative 22

Reprinted in the Mammoth Book of Comic Fantasy, edited by Mike Ashley


Interzone 144


Interzone 139

The Sixth VNM

Interzone 138