My short story,  Threshold, appears in the October 2014 issue of Analog.

Like The Region of Jenniferthis story is set in the Recursion universe.  It introduces the S, the Foundation for the Enlightenment, and the Human Way.

There are more stories to come in this series – keep watching this space!


  1. Mr Ballantyne-
    I had the opportunity to read “Threshold” in my latest copy of “ANALOG”. When I got to the last sentence, I turned the page, hoping to read about Eduardo’s escape and return to his family. When that didn’t happen, I quickly turned to the first page of the story, soaking in any parts of the story I may have missed. I plan on reading more about this Recursion universe you’ve created. If the stories are as entertaining as “Threshold” they will be quite successful! Thanks for an excellent story! Regards, Alan

    1. Hi Alan

      Delighted you enjoyed it! And thanks for taking the time to let me know. I hope you enjoy Recursion just as much.


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