Tagging #2:  Applications that use Tagging

Here are few applications where I use tagging.


Tagging is straightforward on Simplenote.  Add your tags on the tag bar, keep track of them using the tag dropdown.  You can edit and delete tags using the phone or desktop app.

Click on a tag to search for it, or use the following syntax in the search bar to find all notes tagged with knife


Find notes tagged spoon and/or knife as follows

tag:spoon tag:knife

You can use the following trick on the webapp to find all the notes which haven’t been tagged.



Evernote has a very flexible tagging system with an excellent search facility. Searching for a single tag is a matter of simply clicking on the tag.

You can do more complex tag searches by using the following syntax:

Search for headings tagged spoon and knife

tag:spoon tag:knife

Search for headings tagged spoon but not knife

tag:spoon -tag:knife

Find all untagged notes


Evernote also allows you to save frequently used searches.

Evernote’s search features are very powerful. Find out more by following this link.


Emacs Org mode has a sophisticated tagging system.

Add tags to headings using

C-c C-q

You can filter tags using the built in agenda views as follows:

Search for headings tagged spoon and knife

C-c a m +spoon+knife

Search for headings tagged spoon but not knife

C-c a m +spoon-knife

Search for headings tagged spoon or knife

C-c a m spoon|knife

Find out more about Emacs on My Emacs Writing Setup


Tagspaces is a completely different way of organising your resources based entirely on tagging. You can find out more here: https://www.tagspaces.org/

More on Tagging




  1. I like Google Keep personally. It’s nice that I can set reminders for tasks based on location. EG, remind me of “next task”, when I get home. Stuff like that.. Though “tags” in their system is called “labels” to match gmail. But they are the same thing.

    1. I like Keep too, especially the way you can say things like “Add eggs to my shopping list”

      1. Me and my way also share a few lists.. Especially useful for stuff like “things to take on holiday”.. So rather than having 2 lists with close to the same stuff, just have the one.. Though, it does mean if she doesn’t want me to take something, all she has to do is remove it from the shared list.. LOL.. small price to pay for marital bliss.

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