Six Books Every Writer Should Read

Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art by Scott McCloud The Art of Fiction by David Lodge Solutions for Novelists: Secrets of a Master Editor by Sol Stein The Turkey City Lexicon (You can find it here) A Dance to the Music of Time: vol.1: Spring by Anthony Powell The book which inspired you to become a writer.Continue reading “Six Books Every Writer Should Read”

Six Tips on Submitting a Story

If you don’t submit a story, it will never be accepted Read the submission guidelines The editor is always right. If they found your story boring, unconvincing or unoriginal, then that’s their opinion. If you want to know what the editor finds interesting, convincing and original, then read the stuff they choose to publish. IfContinue reading “Six Tips on Submitting a Story”

Six Tips on Beating Writer’s Block

Go for a walk This is the age of the word processor, you don’t have to write your story in a linear fashion. Write a later section, one that interests you. Always have two or three things on the go at once of different lengths. If you don’t feel like working on the novel, haveContinue reading “Six Tips on Beating Writer’s Block”

Six Tips on Showing not Telling

Remember, the reader isn’t stupid; you don’t have to explain everything. They’ll probably understand what you’re getting at. Describe effects, not causes: she shivered not she was cold Unless you happen to be a Victorian novelist, there’s no need to describe everything in a scene. Writing about how characters react is often better than simply stating.Continue reading “Six Tips on Showing not Telling”

Six tips for Writing Character

Giving a character a colourful hat or a stammer does not make them into a character. It may fix them in the reader’s mind, which can be a good thing, but it won’t give them a character Don’t be arbitrary. Some people construct characters by putting together a list of contradictions. You end up withContinue reading “Six tips for Writing Character”